About Us


Kissy's Fine Apparel is located at 50 & 54 Elm Street in Pittsfield MA in the heart of the Berkshires.  We carry a wide variety of clothing from boho-chic to classically stylish apparel. 

Kissy's was established in June 2017 and we expanded our brick and mortar location in February 2018.  Kissy's is owned and operated by a mother/daughter/sister team; Heidi(mom), Christen "Kissy" (daughter; sister to Heather), & Heather (daughter; sister to Christen aka "Kissy").  Since then we have been continuing to grow and recently added an online store to give everyone access to our clothing selection.  We carry a variety of brands including MINKPINK, Show Me Your Mumu, Buddy Love, Unique Vintage, Free People (in store only) and many more.

We love our customers and try to provide a relaxing, fun, and unique shopping experience for every person who comes in our store and for those who shop with us online,  If you have any questions about anything. please don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Kissy's Motley Crew 

Christen aka "Kissy"


Best sister/daughter ever

Sister of Heather, Daughter of Heidi, Mother of Dogs 

Expert at everything 


Not just a snack, baby she's the whole damn meal!

Its the little things that make me happy, like when someone trips and falls in public

I wish laughing inappropriately  in serious situations was an actual job

People who don't understand my sarcasm kind of ruin everything I say 

Loves: Her dogs(Jack and Trigger), hockey, leopard print, Math, shopping, shoes 

Dislikes: the color pink, being wrong (a rare occurrence in Christen's universe), whiners


Boss lady 

Best mama ever

Blue Steel Model


 Im the opposite of what getting wise with age is

I really wish my kids had an adult role model to look up to.

 Im a complete train wreck but in like a really adorable way

Loves:Her dogs(Rex and Killian), coffee, painting, shopping, decorating, turtlenecks,  her daughters (sometimes)

Dislikes: Clutter, tardiness, colors that don't match, cold coffee, technology



Boss lady 

Crazy cat lady

Eye roll expert


I slept through my fifteen minutes of fame

Running from my problems is my only form of exercise 

"Everyone loves a weird girl until we start doing weird girl things" I say to my cat (and dog) as we watch a serial killer doc in our matching onesies  

Loves: Her dog/cat (Sonny, Tootsie RIP Weezy),coffee, sleep, mom jeans, shopping, owls, knick knacks

Dislikes: Cleaning, waking up early, the color orange, orange juice, mayo, bologna